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Data Visualization Problems





I'm having an issue with the data visualization tool, which I have managed to sort of resolve but don't fully understand.


I have set up some space objects, and some viewports showing the plans with these space objects in. Generally speaking, I don't want to the space objects to have a fill, so I have them set to a class with no fill.


I then set up data visualization, with the idea being it would display floor finishes from the records attached to the space objects (i.e. floor finish), and set up a fill. However it wouldn't display, and they remained clear.


I worked out eventually that by turning on the default fill for the space objects (as white), I can now get the data visualization to override it as intended. What I don't understand is why the override didn't work when the class default was set with fill to 'none'?


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It just is. Try thinking about it this way. Data visualization can change what is there. When you have it set to No Fill, there is nothing there to change. Or maybe it makes the change, but the No Fill is set afterwards so you just can't see the change.


As the famous War song goes, "Nothing from Nothing Leaves Nothing. You got to have something if you want to visualize."  ;-) 

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