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VW usage on weak devices sub min specs



With those Sub Notebooks coming like Surface Pro, that have a "real" OS, RAM and CPU

but are still under VW's hardware requirements by not having dedicated GPU or VRAM on the lower end.


Of course no CAD workstation for daily usage, when you are far from office,

will these still allow to open VW Files for smaller annotations or initial project settings, and are just too slow

to really work or will they not open at all or have parts of the software not working ?



I think something like a maxed out Surface Book has the minimum requirements at least for VW 2017 now,

but is a bit pricy and I think a Surface Pro4, without dedicated GPU, has the better form factor.


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1 minute ago, JimW said:

I think a few of my coworkers have the latest MacBook Pros and I'll bench them (any any other new hardware I can find) a bit after this year's Summit. 

That would be awesome. I think my old MacBook Pro is nearing it EOL with VW. I'm torn between another laptop or an iMac.


2 minutes ago, JimW said:

I realky want to get my hands and benchmarks on one of those Darth Vader looking iMac Pros as soon as they come out...

Ha I'm sure you do......



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