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Alan Woodwell

Items on shelves

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Hi, This simple network places items from a selection of symbols onto shelving. You can decide on the shelf width and depth and the item numbers will adjust to suite. The idea is to move the objects to suite your shelving then select different items from the dropdown to get you desired effect. Currently to get a more random looking front when you are happy with the look just explode a few and delete a few items to make it look more real.  Looking at ways to make the random placement automatic, will see how it goes.

You can make your own folders but you will need to change the script at the beginning to get it to work.

Any questions just ask.

Work in Progress.

Thinking so far in relation to different categories of stock you could create duplicates with symbol folders and Marionette Objects of different stock and use whichever is appropriate.



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Hi, Having a Seniors moment. In the network i have random layout for a shelf of items but unable to randomise each shelf so that each shelf of items randomises individually.

I am sure there is an easy explanation that one of the brains trust could solve.

I know it has to do with sequencing but just not getting it tonight.

File 006 close, but not close enough.


I like the quote " As I get older I often worry about my short term memory loss ........But not for long"






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Hi Alan,


try to multiply Random Number by the Number of shelves.

This may only work with shelves that have the same number of articles.



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