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How do I hide the 3D Axes in a rendering?


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I've just upgraded from VW12 to VW17.  I am creating a 3D model, but I can't seem to make the colored axes disappear when I render the model.  Since many most renderings don't have the axes, I'm sure there must be a simple toggle switch to turn off the axes, but I can't find it.  Any suggestions?


Thank you.  

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Some things to consider/try:


•Clip cube displays xyz axes when it is turned on and the cube boundary is selected in the drawing.  Check Clip Cube status View Menu near bottom. If check mark shows, then the Clip Cube is on.  Click to uncheck.


•Vectorworks Prefs> Display Tab> Colored axes in Top/Plan view. Disable that pref.


•Axes are displayed when a working plane is enabled, including a temporary one established with the Working Plane Tool and a custom one invoked from the Working Plane Palette. There may be some other ways the axes would display in the drawing area I'm not thinking of.  If the axes and pink rectangle are on, one way to switch them off is to enable the Working Plane Palette (Menu Bar>Window>Palettes>tic the Working Plane item to display the palette) then dbl click the Active Layer Plane item in the palette to remove display of the xyz axes and pink rectangle.




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Another way to defeat the axes during Design Layer rendering is to render using the Render Bitmap tool in the Visualization tool set.  Set parameters in the mode bar prefs button, then drag a marquee around desired view area.  The render will proceed and a bitmap will be created right on the drawing.  Move/Cut/Paste to other software or otherwise manipulate the bitmap as needed.



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