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The Rest of DomC Nodes

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Wow! Awsome, DomC! Thank you very much for this tremedous load of very handy nodes (and of course for your earlier numerous contributions to the community)! I'm looking forward to using them! And by the way - thank you for your great Marionette presentation at the Vectorworks Anwendertag in Zürich - it motivated me to get more into Marionette. Have a good day.

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10 hours ago, DomC said:

@Alan Woodwellthanks for posting them.

Those are outdated versions of the included nodes. Except the "Schlitz"-Node I used for the slot pipe (I hope this is nothing obscene in english :-) example. 


Passing through my mind, I never posted that. Movie and example of that "Schlitzrohr".






Dear DomC,

thanx a lot for posting so many of your contents and results, you`re a real marionette magician in my impression, respect.

friendly regards


p.s. Thanx of couse also to Alan Woodwell for completing  and other marionette knowers for posting contents and explanations ,this is helping me to remain attentive to maionette.

Please continue. I hang on to....


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