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How many of fellow LA's and designers find the new plant insertion tool and catologue unnecesarily combersome. I feel like it could be simplified in many ways that would eliminate many key strokes.

I do hope that as the irrigation module is developed that the KISS principal is used. I think that those of us who use LM daily should be vocal about likes and dislikes so that LM developers here from a broad base of users, rather than one or two who may not have a grasp on the day to day life of all of us.

[Roll Eyes]

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Yes and no. I was a user. I thought it was a good first attempt. I think 10 is on the right track, but could be simplified.

Irrigation is very important to me. Every project I do includes irrigation. Plants do not grow in low desert without it.

I was an Eaglepoint/Landcadd user previous to VW. Did some beta work for them.

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