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G5 Dual processor and VW 10.5.1b is no good

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I just got my shiny new 2 ghz dual processor G5 and found out i had to use a VW beta software just to be able to work on it at all using VW. I have to say im sadly disapointed in Nemetscheks lack of stable G5 support not to mention the fact that vectorworks does not utilize dual processors. Come on guys dual procesors are not a new thing.

I had a rush job come across my desk last night and we made the decision to do a Renderworks Fly-thru animation. I thought great this will be a breeze with my nifty new machine. that turned out not to be the case at 3am this morning, when the animation dialouge box told me that in order to finish the rendering i would need approximately 14hours of rendering time to do a 1 minute and 40sec fly thru. As a lark we decided to put the same file on my old computer that i still had next to my desk. It is about 5 years old and just recently had a 1ghz g4 upgrade card installed in it. so i ran a copy of the exact same file on it and it only took 7.5 hours. What the Heck!! am i missing something here?

i called the VW tech supprt line hoping to get some answers, was i doing something wrong ? no tehy did not have any answers and were of no real help to me at all. The best tech advice i got from him was that he told me he thought he had read in some magazine about a test someone did where singel processor computers were faster than dual processors. that was it.

does anyone else have similar problems? any one got any advice or solutions?

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I hope that there is no problem with the new G5 Duel processor. My company will be purchasing a couple soon and Vectorworks is our key program.

Is the same problem present with the new single processor G5s.

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Hello jasonom:

I have a dual 2GHz G5 here, please send me a copy of your file at dave@nemetschek.net and I will try duplicating the slowdown.

BTW, the reason 10.5.1b exists is because Panther has bugs. We had to find workarounds for those bugs and so released 10.5.1b.

Did your machine come installed with MacOS 10.3? (Mine came with 10.2.8)

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Dave, my machine came with 10.3 installed on it, i now have 10.3.1 due to an apple security update.the file that i am speaking about is 76.3 megs so i dont think you want me to email that to you.

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Ok I know this is an old thread but I thought I'd better check - is anyone having / had issues running 10.5.1RW on a dual G5? Looking to upgrade from present G4 single and want to avoid "issues".


Simon Taverner

G4 733MHz 256MB OSX10.2.8

VW10.5.1 Arch+Render

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I run both 10.5.1 & 11.0.1 on mine. No problems to report. Nice speed increase. Also, the G5 is much less noisy than my G4 was.


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I have used a PowerMac G5 2 GIG dual with Vectorworks 10.5.1 every day for months with out any problems.


1. How much ram is installed?

( I have 2.5 gig and would like more.)

2. Have you repaired permissions lately?

3. Run Diskwarrior 3 or better and repair your directory after ever system upgrade.

Don't run Norton.

(I have personally experienced lost information by running Apple software updates.)

4. Don't render to a network server. Turn off other software like e-mail.

(I have noticed network lags when doing this.)

Regards, Bob

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