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Softgoods worksheet couting

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I'll try to explain what I am looking to do.  I am trying to create a worksheet that will count my pipe and drape cross pipe, uprights, and drape counts, which after a bit of googling I can do on a basic level.


However, I have two sizes of pipe and drape, 12' and 16' high uprights.  I also have multiple types of drape, different colours of supervel and velour.  I am using the material, material colour, and note records in the Softgoods PIO Object Info to track the info.  The note record has either a 12' or 16' value.  Where I am running in to an issue is when I try to limit the database row in the worksheet to only target subdivisions.  Ex, I only want a drape panel count of 12' Black Velour.


But if I try to set multiple criteria I do not get the result I want.  If I try the following criteria on the database row:

Record>Soft Goods>is present

Field Value>Note>=12'

Field Value>Material Type>=Velour

Field Value>Material Color>=Black

instead of looking at only the objects that are all three, it returns all of the 12', all of the velour, and all of the Black pipe and drape.  Am I missing something in how Criteria works?  I'd like to be able to have multiple criteria that allows me to really narrow down on a selection.


Thanks :)

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I think I found the solution.  After I edit the criteria the "formula" shows up in the formula bar, and I can change the | marks to ampersands, so I think my issues is solved.  I find it odd that in the edit criteria window I don't have the option of choosing how the criterias nest though.

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