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2D Polygon - Inner Boundary Mode...Not Working

J. Franks


I'm working with a fresh install of VW 2017 on a new MacBook Pro in Sierra, and Inner Boundary Mode just doesn't do anything. I've never had it fail to create a polygon of some ilk before, even if it wasn't the one I intended. Is there a preference somewhere that deals with the behavior of this tool? I can't pinpoint anything different about the way I'm trying to use it now vs. how I've always used it in the past.

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I just tested.  Inner Boundary tool is working as expected in my system.


My MBP is a mid 2014 and is just on the ragged edge of functioning properly with v2017. Maybe your graphics card is having trouble with vwx newest version?  One test is to change VWX pref>Display>Graphics setting. Try the Good Performance & Compatibility, or the Best Compatibility. Some issues are solved with this directly.  Sometimes a vwx or system reboot forces the new pref setting.


Something to note is that the new polygon object created by the Inner Boundary Tool is highlighted/selected at time of its creation. The source objects that define the boundary do not need to be selected when the IB tool is invoked.  Buuut . . . If the source object(s) are selected when the tool is employed, the newly created inner boundary object will overlay the source objects and no change will be apparent. The selection will not blink or otherwise indicate that a new object is present. The OIP will indicate that the new object is a polygon, which might be different object type than the original. To test whether a new IB object is present, deselect all, then select/drag to see the new object.


Another thing is to test whether the intended enclosing objects actually create a closed boundary.  If there is an opening, the IB tool may fail. Or, if there is a larger enclosing configuration, the tool may go on a marathon to surround every object within that larger boundary, often bringing the spinning beach ball.


Anyway, keep testing, at least in a new file with just a single enclosing object and the IB tool.

Post a file here if you want others to have a look.





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