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Vectorworks IFC compatibility with Revit Models

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We are long time users of Vectorworks within the architectural sector.  We consult to larger firms and provide designs and equipment layouts for institutional projects.  More and more our clients have been asking about our compatibility with Revit.  We have always worked in 2D and are exploring the jump into 3D/BIM to be more marketable to the architectural offices we work with.  

I'm looking for feedback on others' experience in working with and the workflow from Vectorworks IFC and Revit.  Thinking back to the days of DXF files being imported from and to AutoCAD, it was almost a bigger issue for our partners to bring in our files than it was worth.  Has it been the experience of those working between IFC and Revit that the import/export process creates more trouble than its worth? Any input would be greatly appreciated.



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I see a need for Revit compatibility which is a quasi Standard as once was DWG or Autocad.

Just to not lock your own software out of the game and be able to play with the group.


Either direct exchange, where VW Walls and such will come in as Revit Walls and vice versa,

(Which I see coming for Bricscad or Rhino+VisualARQ)

or at least by using an IFC workaround where Plugin Objects will not lose any oft their parametric information.

(Which seems to work well in Archicad)

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Guest Wes Gardner


We have some folks here on the Mother Ship who have spent a fair amount of time working with documenting the IFC file exchange as well as actually working in a collaborative environment sharing files with Revit users.  We're here to help you any way we can.  Since Revit's file structure is proprietary,  I believe you'll find that most other software (including ours) rely on the ODA (Open Design Alliance) for their translations.

My direct email is wgardner@vectorworks.net


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