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rendering / lighting stained glass

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I need help ... I'm trying to render a stained glass window.  When I make the image prop and related texture, I adjusted the image mask for levels of gray/black transparency, and the light comes through the window according to levels of black in the image, but it doesn't show the colors in window.  That is, I expect to see the light reflecting off the floor to be the color of the stained glass.  As a bonus, it would be nice to directly look at the window and see the colors "glowing".  What I see now is the various levels of grayscale render as transparent (clear) glass.     How do I make this work the way it looks in real life?

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You won't be able to get the sort of lense flaring or blind spot effect you get in real life by looking directly at a light unfortunately, in Vectorworks that mostly has to be added afterwards in image editing.


However, to get the colors to behave that way and light the area properly, you will likely want to use a backlit shader. @Luis M Ruiz made a nice example of this at some point, let me take a look and see if I can find it.

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14 hours ago, domer1322 said:

great ... but ever since VW started this new forum format, I can't figure out how to look up my old threads .... so I don't know how to get to that old thread ...   help ???


The fastest way is to click on your name, then you can see a history of all your activity, the left hand menu on that page lets you sort by activity type. This works for any other member as well.

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