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VW2017 Renderworks 'Glow' textures render as black

Mike Wright


I've noticed that intermittently on both my Mac and PC systems, any texture with a glow setting is rendered black at the 'edges' stage of a render in Realistic Interior mode.  At first they are fine and as soon as 'edges' is started they turn black. See below for an example.


No Glow.jpegGlow.jpeg


The 'ceiling lights' in question here are simple extrudes with a glow texture.  The problem also extends to screen object textures.


The only way to stop this behaviour is to re-start vectorworks completely and re-render.



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VW / RW - 2019 to 2022 Mac OSx


Not sure this is the best place to put this issue. It is, though, a similar issue as above with items rendering Black


This started as a test of Back Light vs Glow shaders.  Final RenderWorks

       I am unable to use Back Light Shader to back light an image - Glow Shader does the desired job. That said...


I have taken to adding GLOW to some textures to make then come out a bit in the Final Renderworks rendering. Emit Light & Add Matte are unchecked. As well as Shadows Cast. I combined this with the Ambient Light On, yet set to 0% with Ambient Occlusion Set to 100% Several Spot lights illuminate the scene.


See the attached to understand what is happening. In the case of the flat screen monitor with the tank image, Glow makes it look like a TV screen. in the Final RenderWorks rendering. Turning off the Glow in the Reflectivity Shader was a test to see how bright the image could be on its own. Without the Glow Reflectivity Shader selected, the Color / Image Shader renders Black?!?


In a similar fashion some Color / Image Shaders that are created with simple mono color JPEGs,  also render dark or black. Turning on the Glow in the Reflectivity Shader for these Textures makes them appear more as expected.


Addition of Ambient light does alter the Black Rendering Bug somewhat, though that changes the over all Look and Feel of the Rendering.


Suggestions are appreciated.




BL vs Glow_1.pdf

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