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warning - Vector works will shortly be unable to continue


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This is the result of a printer driver problem Apple introduced in MacOS X 10.2. One of the installed print drivers opens many files that it does not close. We introduced this warning for VW 10.5 so you have the opportunity to restart and avoid the problem before you crash.

I expect MacOS X 10.3 to resolve the problem.

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Hi, I'm an IT for an architect company that uses 10 vector works stations.

OS X 10.2.8

VW 10.5

We are getting the message: ?warning - Vector works will shortly be unable to continue functioning. Please save your work and quit immediately to avoid loss of work?

This is on a random basis, with no luck in reproducing it consistently. After this message, I get a generic print dialog box instead of the specific PPD for the printer.

Re-launching VW solves the problem, but annoys the heck out of the architects.

Anybody knows the source of this problem?

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