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Heavy Behavior VW2016 Spotlight in MacBook Pro 2016 w/o TouchBar

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I'm using VW2016 Spotlight Site Protection Network Ver. (Japanese:サイトプロテクションネットワーク版) on new released MacBook Pro w/o TouchBar.

It is so heavy behavior, pan, input text, and all movement does not move as I want.

I Installed SP6, but not changed there symptom.

I'm think of problem of Hardware, but browsing website etc other behavior is not late.

Have I that solution?


Using Laptop : MacBook Pro 2016(without TouchBar)

OS Version : OS X Sierra(10.12.2)

VW Version : 2016 SP6 Japanese Edition

Memory and SSD is normal.

Using Windows 10 in BootCamp.

Running VW2016 in Macintosh.



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Please reply back with the following from that machine and I can take a look:



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