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Referenced Viewports and Class Overrides

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I'm having a bit of trouble with some referenced viewports not showing the class overrides as desired.

I suspect its a combination I'm getting wrong with respect to "use embedded..."

In the examples below, I have a circle assigned to a class with attributes set to class.

In a separate file I have a design layer reference viewport which only looks at the layer and class of that circle.

I then have a 3 sheet layer viewports, 2 of them have class overrides to adjust the fill.

As you can see in the last image there is no change to the fill.


The design layer viewport has "use current document's class visibilities" ticked, as not concerned about the settings in the referenced file.

The sheet layer viewports have "use embedded design layer viewport settings for class overrides" unticked, as is the sheet layer class settings (overrides) I want to use.


Hope all that makes sense.


Thanks in advance to anyone that can shine some light.


Capture design layer.PNG

Capture design layer Viewport.PNG

Capture sheet layer Viewports.PNG

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Josh, if I'm not mistaken, class overrides can only be applied to a DLVP, not to a SLVP.  SLVP's can't reference external files.  You must create 3 different externally referenced DLVPs and do a different override for the 2 you want to look different (v2016)

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Thanks for the info guys.


For the project we are working on at the moment there are about 6 unit types (A-F).

There are then about 20 Blocks, each block comprises different combinations of the units, eg ABABA, ACFCA, etc.

Was thinking the best approach would be to have a separate file for each of the 6 units.

Then have separate files for each of the 20 blocks.

Each block file would have several referenced viewports that look at the respective unit files.


From that point was hoping to use the sheet layers to set up the working drawings, eg ground floor plan has than layer on, roof has class override so dashed and no fill etc.


If that is not possible I'm guessing you will need multiple design layer viewports, eg one DL ref VP with roof on solid no dash (for use on site plan), another with a class override so dashed and no fill (floor plans).


Does that sound like the best way?


Hope that makes sense.

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