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Space Tool # of Occupants

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Does anybody know of a field in the space tool that would assign the number of occupants associated with a space?  I see a lot of other attributes associated with occupancy, but not the number of people...  This is important for a lot of space planning and architectural building code purposes.  Ideally, I would like the cell associated with it to be a number so that I can do calculations.




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Try this one...place the worksheet in your file (hit Recalculate and the thing should populate with your room names, you'll then need to enter the worksheet and under the column "Occupancy Load", change the load factor to whatever you need. (Click on a cell, then up at the top, just type in a number..the "s.f." suffix will be automatically placed.  You can further modify it to add them up like in the attached image.  This rounds properly so you don't have to deal with those .3 of a person :-)

Rounded Occupancy Loads.vwx

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 4.03.52 PM.png

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The value is in the Additional Data section of the Space Settings dialog box. It is named Number of Occupants. Unfortunately it is a text field not a number. 


If you use this often, you could use the Advanced Settings section of the Space Settings dialog box to turn this on in the OIP.


To get this into a schedule, the formula in the Database Header Row would be ='Space'.'11_Number of Occu'


If you only want to see the value and use it in a calculation, you could use a formula of =value( 'Space'.'11_Number of Occur') instead, but with this you won't be able to edit the value in the worksheet.


If you want to be able to edit the value and still have a number you will have to use two columns, one (say Column D) with the first formula. Then in column E (or wherever you want it), =value(D2) [if the database is in row 2]



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Thanks Pat and Wes,


I did eventually find the 'Number of Occupants' in the Additional Data, and I was in the process of figuring out how exactly to set up a worksheet.  I think I like Pat's approach for space planning purposes where you want to assign occupant load values. 

Wes's calculated occupant load is equally useful and I was planning to use it for code analysis purposes where it is calculated based on square footage.



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2-part question:


1. How to create a data tag that shows:

  • Gross Area
  • Net Area
  • Occupant Load Factor
  • Max occupants (net area / occupant load factor)

#Space#.#MeasuredNetAreaNum#/7 returns a value of sq ft, so I’m trying to figure out how to edit the units… 


2. In the example above I need “gross area” to extend beyond the walls of the space object.


This is for events, so the regulatory agencies looking at this have a different definition of Gross / Net Area than VW. Logically, this would be 2 sep Space objects in VW, so… 


For clarification, I love the worksheet, and I would still use that. I just need client and reg agencies to quickly see the same info in the data tag.


Attached: space object with space tag, data tag, and fake tag of what I actually hope to accomplish. It seems like there’s more data available to a space tag than a data tag. I just need to figure out how to calc area / load (without "sq ft” in the max occupancy).




Space Tag Occupancy v01.vwx

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