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vector works 2016





I'm experiencing many problems with vectorworks, it keeps freezing and crashing when ever I open a file. it takes a long time to move line work and the rendering is not working either, it takes too long and produce pixelated images with missing information.


What should I do? I never experienced these problems when I used vectorworks 2013!


Kind regards


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1 hour ago, JimW said:

Please reply back with the system profile attached after following the directions in the link in my previous post.

here it is sorry I didn't see it earlier. I tried exporting the files to older versions 2014 and downloaded 2014 version to open the files with but, I couldn't install the 2014 version because of the security preferences on mac. I have a deadline and don't know what to do! I never experienced a problem when I used to work with the older versions.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The security issue you ran into may just be Gatekeeper stopping 2014 from being installed, which by default requires an app come from the App store. It can be fixed as described here by setting apps to be permitted from "Anywhere" :




However, the hardware on that machine is well below the requirements of Vectorworks 2016 even though it may have been acceptable for prior versions, it may not be possible to get it running reliably. In any case, make sure to contact your distributor or tech support reps directly, send them that system profile along with one of the files you are having difficulty opening and they can take a closer look.

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