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Benson Shaw


This topic was originally introduced in General thread by pclary, December 29, 2016.

Redo of topic here for bug verification. 

Fastener placement on working planes is problematic - Working As Designed?  Bugs?  Graphics card related? Or?


If a custom working plane is activated via the Working Plane Palette, and then a 3d mode of any fastener tool is enabled via the Fastener Tool Set, then:
1. The custom working plane is deactivated on screen and the Working Plane Palette item changes to have a gray background.
2. vwx creates a new, temporary working plane (ie this new plane does not manifest in the Working Plane Palette).
• This new working plane is parallel to the Layer Plane
• This new working plane has same origin as the former custom working plane.
3. The custom working plane can be reactivated while the tool is active:
• dbl click on the desired custom item in the WP Palette.
• The tool will now place a fastener object on the custom working plane.
4. Except a Special Case:
• The Fastener Tool in 3d mode (1st tool in the tool set) always places the fastener object with origin and axis on the layer plane.  Tool apparently cannot place a fastener origin and axis on any plane other than the Layer Plane.
• Automatic Plane is not available when Fastener Tool 3d mode is active.


Demo video:





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