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VW2017 Irrigation Crashes...repeatedly



We have been trying to use the new Irrigation tools in VW2017, but are having some extreme difficulties. On top of the speed issues associated with a network recalculating after every adjustment, we have recently been experiencing repeated crashes while performing what should be basic commands.

I have uploaded a screenshot video that shows the workflow and the associated crashes. It seems to happen everytime an object is connected to a pipe (i.e. valve, pipe connection, outlet, etc.) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Eric.


I'm sorry you're experiencing crashes. Are you using SP2? We believe we've identified the problem, but if you could send us an example file it would help us to confirm.


Regarding the speed of recalculation, this does arise with larger irrigation systems. The fix that Vlado mentioned in your previous post was implemented for SP2. There is now an option to turn off autocalculation in the XML file "Libraries\Defaults\Irrigation\IrrigationSettings.xml". Please let me know if this fixes the speed issues.



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I have sent a file to Vectorworks Tech in attempts of trying to resolve the issue already. Unfortunately we aren't talking a LITTLE, easily sent file, as the one I am working in right now is over 1 GB in size! It is getting ridiculous. I can't even add a component to an mainline without a crash and I have a file with over 40 mainline modifications to make!


As for the reculculations, Vlado did suggest this fix to me earlier and it DID NOT solve the auto update issue. After modifying the .xml as directed, the program still took several seconds (sometimes more than 10) after each move. It is as if it was still going through the motions, but perhaps the data wasn't flowing the same way??? My wishlist is that the autocalculate can be turned off within Vectorworks running application allowing me to design irrigation freely without delay, then I can manually perform recalculations when ready. I don't want to modify an .xml file because that is troublesome in a workgroup situaton.


I am at a loss right now with the irrigation tools. They are too cumbersome in the current array, with too many flaws, to implement efficiently or properly. I would love to be able to provide better feedback to help solve some of the problems we are encountering, but large file sizes make sharing difficult and we are very busy with our day-to-day. If there is something I can help or input I can provide, please let me know.

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