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Vectorworks Remote

Matt Overton


Does anyone use Vectorworks Remote?

I ask because I thought it would be very useful when using Vectorworks on a smaller screen device like a laptop. Yet It really doesn't seem to allow me to free up much space at all. 


It seems worse on a larger screen device like an iPad as much of the screen space is just underused. 


It would be great if we could design the interface ourselves using docked palettes (eg the attached) then push that to the device that is remote. I can do similar with Duet Display how every the way MacOS treats the second display with touches means your cursor keeps being pulled over to the touch screen.  So its more a second screen than a touch screen extension to the app. 


P.S. Also given many of us run multiple versions of Vectorworks at the same time It would be helpful the Remote Installer Disk Image had the version number in the name. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 11.16.35 am.png

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+1 on this


I'm just playing around now with setting up the remote on my tablet so I apologies if my comments are a little off the mark.  BUT.  I'm seeing a lot of potential that is not being realised.  Such as I cannot find any access to selecting tools or symbols on the remote and being able to interact with object info would free up a lot of much needed real estate when using my latop for drawing.  

Anyway just my two cents on what could be an extra tool which would fast become an indispensable part of using vectorworks on a laptop.




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