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2017 Crash : (when Flip Door + Reset Plugins) EDIT : Spaces crashing


I have a problem with my Doors in my file.


I have 2 overlapping (!) Doors in a Wall.

1 Slider Door + 1 Framed Door to get a Frame for the Wall Opening.

Both are "Styled" Doors (!)



As I activated Door Labels and saw them overlapping I thought I could just "flip" the Framed Door

to "mirror" the Label this way.

I realized that VW 2017 will crash each time I try to do so.


So i thought, fine, I found a real bug and copied one of these Walls with its Doors in Wall into a

new file to bug report. Unfortunately when I tried, VW will not crash doing same in the simple

demo file.



So I thought it might be time for the typical "Reset Plugins".

Unfortunately VW 2017 will crash each time I try to do so.

VW will not crash doing same in the simple demo file.



I will attach the non-crashing Demo File here first for illustration.

The real File would be 90 MB or 70 MB zipped.




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As the Crash Report implies, it's not about the Doors,

it is about my Spaces.


When I tried to import my Spaces Layer into a new File VW crashes.

When I try to do any changes to Spaces by OIP VW crashes.


When I delete my Spaces and purge the Space "Special Record Formats",

VW does even perform a "plugin reset" again without crashing.



The only thing that I notice in my Spaces that they use a Story Level that does no more exist for

upper extension in 3D Net.

I had similar Plugin Failures when I deleted Classes in use with the replace with other Class option.



I am not amused to have to create my Spaces from scratch now,

and am pretty annoyed that regularly some or other Plugins will go corrupt over time.

I had Spaces going nuts a few times, also Doors.

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Here is a Demo File with only my Spaces.


For me it crashes if I try to change that one no-more-existing Story Level for one or more of the Spaces in OIP.




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According to Computerworks, my Spaces do not crash in the german release of VW.

But the Crash for the international VW was confirmed.

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