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Well here's my two cents worth;

Site modelling is a bit mongrelly. I do the site model as a seperate file, then use workgroup referencing to 'insert' it into my drawing. That when, WHEN a problem develops, I can delete it and start again. You'll notice from previous posts that sometimes parts of site models are undeletable, and cause problems.

I haven't had any problem with displaying the solids like you mention. I guess you need to check all you classes are turned on, and that you are in a 3d view of the correct layer.


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Ilan, once you have the 3d polys you still have to create the model using the appropriate command ("Site model" in version 10). The model is automatically generated as a symbol and inserted into an automatically-created layer. Look in your resource palette to see if a symbol for a DTM has been created. You can re-insert it into the drawing anywhere you want, just like any other symbol. To edit it (change its color, etc.), you would need to convert an instance to to a group or edit it as a symbol.

If you follow the manual's instructions carefully, you will have success. The process is a bit non-intuitive.

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