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Laura Stone

Docking Resource Browser (or any other palette) across 2 columns


The resource browser works best widened out so would be helpful if it could be docked across the bottom of the other palettes that I have in two columns, as if they were 'merged' in a spreadsheet.  At the moment I have it undocked as a workaround.


Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 1.10.38 PM.png

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I think it works on Windows but unfortunately not on Mac OS X.


Same if you want to dock your standard tool sets palette at the bottom of the screen

between left and right column, it will expand over the whole screen width, which makes

it a bit useless.


But I even didn't know that you can have double columns at one side. :)

Have to try that.


I use my RM, as proposed, floating on top of the drawing window in auto hide mode and

got used to it after 2 month or so.

In the left column I have all Tools. Attribute, Snapping, Viz and those things.

It seems to save some screen estate over your double column solution.

Right Column is Object Properties and Navigation only, which will need that whole Space

for me.

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Thanks Laura, that seems like a great idea. I usually have my resource browser up top and it drops its menus down when your cursor is hovering over it.




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Thanks J. Wallace !

i never had the idea that I can pull RM even so much to the top of the App Window.

I had mine below the menu bar inside the drawing window.

In this case it will unwanted pop up when im hovering too slow over it on my way

into the method bar.


Much better :)

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Thanks @J. WallaceThat is a great spot for it. I have dual monitors so I've typically had it on the second monitor but I like the unpinning action and at the top it's out of the way.

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I second this. I'm not a huge fan of having the resource browser arranged as J. Wallace describes (or the default) because the time it takes to open and close is a split second too long for my personal preference and it's nice to have it on view for quick reference, especially when working on a higher resolution or second display where the workspace is not at so much of a premium. The ideal layout for me would be as Laura describes.

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