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OpenGL not rendering on Mac OS

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I have a problem with OpenGL not rendering certain objects. It appears to be related to the level of zoom, and if I'm too close, the object does not render. The strange thing is that the extents of the object are within the window, and the object size is neither extremely large, nor extremely small.



VW 10.5, Mac OS 9.2.1

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I also have a render/print problem but slighty different.

I can render a drawing fully in Vectorworks but will omit them during printing (I also used export to jpg to show just what would come out if i'd gone straight to print as they concur).

In a desperate attempt to get round the problem i tried adding components together to make one (i.e. i added spokes (which wouldn't print) to a hub which would.. and achieved success. This lead me to believe their must be some discrepancy between component attributes but i checked and found none... i even made parity of the colours.

Thus i am left with a wheelchair which renders beautifully onscreen, but will not print my backrest or tyres!!!

I am running VW 9.5.3 on dual 800 G4 with OS 10.2.6 and 768MHz RAM

I desperately confused sole [Confused]

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