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IFC huge with use of seating layout/table and chairs


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We have used the vectorworks tool "seating layout" and "tabels and chairs", when it exports to IFC it makes the file huge.

With chairs/tables 150MB without 10MB.

Would think that the built in tools that automaticaly has IFC entity should be sutable for exporting, whitout sky rocketing the file size.


Improvements on the way?


This is with VW2016



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Are your chairs and tables inserted as symbols? If not, then the geometry for every instance will have to be exported separately. 


The Seating Layout appears to use Symbols, so that should be OK.  


The Tables and Chairs object appears to use drawn geometry. This means that each instance of the Table/Chairs includes all of the geometry.


Try inserting only one instance of each type of Table and Chairs object and making a symbol out of it. Then use this symbol to replace the other instances. This should get you a much smaller file size.

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