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Database notation tool connection to callouts

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Good afternoon everyone,


I've been working on a set where i have alot of callouts for plans, elevations and sections that seem to be repetitive but not parametric, and i've been wondering...

Is there a way to combine notes database with a callout tool or perhaps a bubble revision tool? I've been thinking of a simpler way of marking up notes by using annotation bubble revision markers and linking them to notes that are shown separately on the sheet in list form. There are multiple reasons why this is a useful feature

1. CSI can be embedded into notes parametrically - unifying elements in the project to specifications without any deviation to notation

2. Simply the callout process in plans - and eliminate clutter by referencing notes beside the plans.

3. No errors in documentation

4. Information is centralized - and modification to notes or finishes can be made remotely.

5. Notation tool does not need to be updated independently from the bubble revision callouts - they're intended to work simultaneously.


Method -

My current method is simple - i created a 2 custom record fields one for number, the other for description of the object - and reference those records in a table for that layer only. I however - end up having to make one table for each layer (floor plans, rcp, tenant protection plans, fire safety plans, etc...) which is the only nuisance. I end up having 10 - 20 worksheets just for that set.


Is there a way to combine this method with the notation tool? and is there a way to eliminate duplicates? perhaps a method that would allow us to use one worksheet dynamically?

Either way, I know this feature doesn't exist, but i figure , if anyone has any ideas how to combine these tools, i'm all ears? perhaps Nemetchek will hear us?


Thanks everyone!

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Apparantly the call out tool is a really great resource for keynote legends. Pardon my ignorance, i just recently discovered this feature.

A great thing about this feature is that it has an option for additional columns - which is great!

However, i do have a question : 

Is there any way to add additional columns to either :

1. Worksheets - if it exceeds a certain width / length 


2. General notes tool. There is no option for this in the general notes tool - a huge limitation!

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11 hours ago, Pat Stanford said:

Columns can be added to a worksheet through either the INSERT menu at the top of the worksheet or by hovering at the bottom right corner of the worksheet and dragging after the cursor changes to an L with a square in the corner.



Thank you for you that Pat,

Is it possible to continue information in a database in an adjacent column though?

I.E. Lets say i have a database connection with 2 column references, and i have a total 4 column worksheet.

Would i be able to say continue the database information on the 3rd and 4th column after i reach 10 rows of records?

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1 hour ago, Pat Stanford said:

Each item or SUMmed item in a database takes up the entire row. There is no way to put items in a database side by side.


The one possible work around is to put the worksheet on a layer and then make multiple cropped viewports and put them side-by-side to get the view you want.


Thank you for the suggestion. I figured it wasn't possible. I've been using this method thus far, just thought there might be a quicker way to do this.

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Hi Samuel,

I can confirm that I am unable to "Delete Leader Line" using the callout tool's context menu, which has both Add Leader Line and Delete Leader Line menu choices.  "Add Leader Line" works, but not "Delete Leader Line".  This is clearly a bug.  I am using Designer 2017 SP2 on a late 2012 27" iMac running OS X El Capitan v10.11.6.

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