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division is not working in vectorworks worksheet



Hello guys,

I tried to calculate average area in worksheet where i need to divide cell B2 by cell C2,

I used (=B2/C2) in cell D2 which is in my database but the result is not as expected, its not actually dividing its just showing the values in Column B.

whereas addition and subtraction is working fine but not divide and multiplication. 

Does anyone have a solution for it,

attached my file below kindly refer it.2016-12-28.png




worksheet div.vwx

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Just got a message back from the Bug I submitted on this. :-(



This appears to be working as designed. 

The provided file, which has a database row with the criteria, =DATABASE((T=RECT)), has a summarize operator applied to a single column, A. Columns other than A display the sum of each columns subrows. If an additional summarize operator is added to another column, that column will also be summarized to show a single value rather than the sum of the values.

Removing all summarize operators shows that the specified database row cell formulas then work as expected.

The forum user is expecting that the displayed summarized values will be used in calculation with non-summarized values, which is not the case. This behavior, using summarized values, cannot be changed.

Online help documentation:


So If you add additional SUM icons to the other columns you might be able to get closer to what you want.

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