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OpenGL Edges on Objects with Transparency

Andy Broomell


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I don't want it to render any differently; I only want edge lines in OpenGL. But that's surely a workaround in some situations. :)


Here's another example - there are glass globes which are practically invisible in OpenGL. Would much prefer the bottom look, especially when using the Walkthrough tool and a 3DConnexion mouse to navigate a model interactively with a client or colleague.



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Not quite the solution I need, but again, thank you for the suggestions. :) 


I guess my purpose in the original post was to eventually have a built-in solution for the edges rather than pursuing workarounds. In this case, for example, if I adjust the texture for OpenGL purposes then it won't render how I want it to; I want to leave the texture exactly as it is. There are a number of workarounds I can think of, but it's not the same as what the original request would achieve.

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i agree to Andy  AND i would like to to be able to set linecolour to grey so it is visible on dark elements... i work arround this mith hidden line foregroundrender it would just make things easier...

( ps i like the Glas sheet trick  of Alan! i allways worked arround with a dublicate in place with no fill at all....)

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On 2/16/2017 at 3:44 PM, PVA - Jim said:

Agreed! I would absolutely like this as an option in OpenGL settings. Request Submitted: VE-96212

I have submitted a complaint about this years ago in the past and was told that it worked as designed and they did not intend to fix it.


In my opinion a really bad decision.  


Clunky as it is, my solution has always been to make a copy of the transparent parts and set these copies to No Fill. So one filled transparent object and one wireframe version on top of that.  

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