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Text stacked up again in Sheet Layer Viewport

Benson Shaw


I'm seeing text trouble again.  Wonder if it's my graphic card? I ask that others test the attached vwx file, or confirm in similar file you create.

The problem I see:

  • Design layer text is misinterpreted in Sheet Layer View Port
  • The space character (press the space bar) is misinterpreted if view is not Wireframe.
  • Space character causes following word to move backwards two characters. Or something like that.
  • 4 example viewports show same text with spaces (black) and without spaces (red).
  • Same behavior in all options of compatibility/performance display preference.
  • This file not display the problem on initial view after creation of the VP with default SLVP 72dpi.  Raising the dpi manifested the problem.  Changing back to 72dpi did not fix the problem.






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Thanks for looking, J.  The space character seems to be a problem, or cause a problem.  But not same problem on your system/cpu.  Soooo, now what?!


Maybe others with a new system can see if problem is solved.  Or it's a Mac thang. Or needs MacOS Sierra (10.12.xx)?


 More info & tests:

  • Fonts? I found same result with several fonts (Hel, Apple Chancery, Schoolbook, and some others). But did not try them all.
  • Same problems when I tried to paste in text from a text editor to see if that provides a more robust space character.
  • Also tried full software and system reboot after each change in vwx display pref. Tried them all - Best Performance, Good Performance and Compatibility, Best Compatibility.
  • Seems to happen in all my files. The test file is a new v2017.
  • Ported the test file back to v2016 and the text displays as expected.  Same with a project file ported back - text is OK.


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