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Issue with installing VWX - getting error 1020

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Ive recently tried to install VWX 2014 on a new machine and i got the following error when entering my serial number (see attached screenshot) any ideas what this means /  how to resolve this ? 


Although the screenshot is from vwx 2017, this is from a trial i downloaded as i was seeing if the issue was with my computer (which it seems to be). I get the same issue with 2014 using my own serial number. 


I know the screenshot says to contact the sales rep, but they are now closed for the holidays so wondered if anyone had experience of this error ?


Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 13.02.31.png

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Ive recently done a clean install of the operating system on my mac.


I also deleted the old files recently from the backup drive as they where no longer needed on there. 


I had my VWX license installed on my old machine, but i didnt uninstall it first, will i have issues installing it now on my newly installed opperating system ?


If so is there a work around to free up the license ? 

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The 1020 error appears when you have used significantly more than one trial of the same version of Vectorworks on the same machine.


I also checked and the distributor in the UK ( support@computersunlimited.zendesk.com ) is not closed for the holidays yet and we have been emailing them back and forth today frequently, I could not find any notifications anywhere of them being out of the office. If you have any further trouble contacting them, please let us know.

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