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Vectorworks to CNC for cabinets

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I am looking  to send drawings from Vectorworks to a CNC machine to cut boxes for cabinets.  I am buying the CNC machine now and need some help understanding if anyone has done this previously.  Ideally I would take Vectorworks file, modify as needed to add parts that are not drawn into original file, and export to a software that will add tool pathways etc and process into something the CNC can execute on.  I am just starting my search so if there is a better process I am all ears.  Any help appreciated.

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Guest Wes Gardner

Years ago, the standard was to create .dxf files as alot of CNC equipment's software could read this file type.  With the advent of 3D printing, most of that equipment uses STL.  You could see if your particular choice will read that file type as Vectorworks creates an STL file.

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I do this daily.  Not sure what brand of machine you are getting, but I use a Biesse machine.  For me, the best workflow is to use parametric parts created in Biesseworks for the standard cabinet parts, and using DXF exports from VW for the more complicated geometry when doing curved desks and such.


That's a basic overview. but I'm happy to elaborate if this sounds like where you're wanting to go.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@Coastal Design you may want to check out interiorcad for Vectorworks. It will generate DXF files for just about any type of router and you can export your 3D parametric cabinet or individual parts without any extra manual work involved. Here are some Youtube videos and there is more info on https://en.extragroup.de.





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