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WebView and VR



Hi everyone,


I have some trouble with the webview/vr that came with vw2017.

Lately I observe, that the export takes like forever.


3D-model hast 123MB export in lowest quality gains 44MB but takes 10+ minutes to create (when choosing not to upload on vw-server),

it has 79MB and takes almost 30 min+ to create.

It also takes the same time when uploading to the VW-server, this was way quicker a few days/weeks ago.

What happend here? Def. not a problem of my internet connection - see screenshot for speed.

I can't do anything with vectorworks while it is exporting because there is that beachball constant spinning.

I also exported just the logo, and this took also more than 10 minutes....?!

//Way quicker when every lettre is seperate and not in a group. ;-)


When opening I get a lot of script-issues...see screenshot.

It says script is not answering and might be damaged.


Some 3D-Elements look weird now - e.g. screenshot



Change the opengl at least to 3.0!!!

2.1 feels like doom or duke nukem back in 1998 :-/

This is not state of the art and customers are very unhappy with the quality atm.



MacBook Pro Late2013

i7 2,3Ghz // 16GB Ram // Firefox latest



So is there anything I did wrong? Is there anything I could help?

I really think this is a great feature and I want it to be better!


All the best from germany,



Bildschirmfoto 2016-12-21 um 10.47.34.png

Bildschirmfoto 2016-12-21 um 11.10.55.png

Bildschirmfoto 2016-12-21 um 11.24.36.png

Bildschirmfoto 2016-12-21 um 11.39.53.png

Bildschirmfoto 2016-12-21 um 11.41.43.png

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What you've got there is an extremely complex compound extrude.... lots of shapes extruded as one...

As I remember, I think that some of these viewers are used to internal compounds, i.e. the bowls inside a d,e,a, etc (the voids)

When you've extruded the shape, try to ungroup it, so that it's a series of simpler extrudes, rather than one large complex, compound, or perhaps ungroup the logo and extrude each letter at a time. Bit more time consuming, but then the faces of the letters should display a bit better.


Also, you might try to remove some of the point in each character/polyline. The sides will be simpler, albeit more faceted, but you'll get a huge improvement in the actual face.

All 3d is made of triangles (nurbs excluded) so the faces of the letters are currently made out of thousands of tri-polys.... try and reduce that by simplifying the poly beforehand.

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Guest AndrewG

@RummelplatzThe Web Viewer uses Three.js, which is based on OpenGL 2.0 ES standard. We are currently working within this limitation. We are also looking into ways we can not only improve quality of the scene, but we are also looking to improve success rates of model loading.  

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