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DWG Export from BIM Model Problems

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Good afternoon everyone, 


This is more of a wish list item more than anything. Dealing with different engineers that work in autocad, i find it a bit frustrating to export elevations with hatches in BIM mode to be converted into linework. More importantly, when selecting option for hatches to be converted to a separate layer, any exported elevation (not plans) hatches in vectorworks aren't converted to a different layer, instead they remain in the original layer of the wall type class. As a result the dwg files become bloated and hard to modify. Any way to change this?

I know a workaround, however, its a bit cumbersome - which essentially converts any surface into a poly - that can use hatch information. This exports just fine into required hatches, just a nuissance to do for every job.

Perhaps there is another way? 

Thanks in advance !!


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I find this to be a real pain as well, especially if you use a hatch made up of a bunch of short lines like 'sand' or 'plaster'. When you export to DWG / DXF you'll get a million short lines that you have to delete, including on elevations which are perpendicular to the VP camera. 


Because of this I have started to turn off surface hatches before I export to DWG.


IMO, the current SVLP -> DWG Export workflow leaves much to be desired.

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