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Housing layout plot numbering.



Have you ever just finished a housing layout with say 300 houses plotted and numbered from Plot 1 to Plot 300 and the client comes back with can we turn Plot 6 into a pair of semi-detached houses.

That means renumbering from Plot 6 onward. Even with the number stamp this is tedious.

I would really like to select a polyline type tool that inserts a number at every click (with a prefix & trailer) so that if I insert another point (eg. between Plot 6 & Plot 7) it will shift all subsequent numbers on one digit.

Even better if it could be used to number on plot parking spaces (as different house have more or less spaces) and by holding down a modifier key you could insert 3 or 4 instances of the same number.

Santa are you listening?

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Depends how your drawing is setup.


I insert all of the house blocks as symbols into the layout The plot number (along with floor Area / bedrooms / In-curtilage parking / Handing / External finishes / Garden areas etc.) is contained in the attributes and displayed as part of the symbol on the layout.  I use that to generate the accommodation schedules.


I have a "Plot Report" worksheet in my resource manager which creates a simple spreadsheet that chronically orders the plot numbers.  Any plots which get added or removed away, show up very quickly in the spreadsheet and the plot numbers can then be updated on the spreadsheet and they are updated in the layout.  The 'plot report' is used really as a checking tool as for my last layout (426 units) would have stretched across about 2 A0 sheets vertically!! - VW still cannot 'word wrap' spreadsheet.  Shame on you.


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