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COCO vertion of VW for sys OSX


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Originally posted by Duby:

When can we see COCO vertion of VW for sys OSX

As an User of VW 10.5 in Hebrew

When do you expacet a COCO vertion ???

Hi Duby,

Thank you for your question.

Not speaking as an official voice for Nemetschek North America, but as a Software Engineer: I would not expect to see a Cocoa version of VectorWorks for Macintosh OS X.

Cocoa is a system that is based on Carbon which VectorWorks uses. So in essense Cocoa is a framework or a way of quickly developing software. Also, since we use the Carbon system we are able to write VectorWorks in a way that lets us leverage knowledge from both Windows and Macintosh to design, develop and debug technology that will appear in VectorWorks for both Operating Systems.

This is a huge advantage as many problems that may appear on only one system will show up later on the other system. So if we fix the problem on one, we get the fix on the other and save users future aggravations. Usually [smile]

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