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Labels from Worksheet

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This example collects data from a worksheet and put them on a grid of labels. The label itself uses a template (as example a symbol), which contains placeholders with the name of the column titles.


Special Nodes:

1. CodeInput-Node:

This is a simple Node which have inputs and can handle them in a single-line code) This is a way to integrate directly text-code into a marionette script. Input formulas like "(a-b*2-(c-1)*d)/c" by single math nodes was a nerfing "waste of place" for and it feels so much better with that "CodeInputNode". 


2. ListToLabel Node:

This takes a List of Data and replace text in a textblock with that data. The Textblock contains placeholders. Some kind you know from Word Form-Letters.


Preview Screenshot.png

Label From Worksheet.vwx


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