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We are currently running Vectorworks 9.5.1, with a link to Artlantis 4 (For Vectorworks) via a VW Artlantis Workspace; both software packages on a single machine.

We have in the last few days experienced the Vectorworks application switching to Demo Mode with no apparent reason - we are not currently working in 3D or using the Artlantis application.

It is occurring regularly, and sometimes even from a re-start without opening a drawing.

The machine has a Pentium 4, 2.66GHz running Windows XP.

Any thoughts / comments / help would be gratefully appreciated.


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The only thing that should cause demo mode on Windows would be if the dongle is knocked loose.

There are some USB drives that have a sleep mode on them. If the sleep is initiated, the drive goes to sleep, losing the connection to the dongle.

Do you notice the demo mode alert appearing after the computer has awakened from sleep or anything like that?

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When you get demo mode the first time you launch VW, try to see if the dongle can be pushed in, or even take it out and put it back in to see if that fixes it.

It sounds like the dongle is coming loose through the session of VW, for whatever reason.

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No knocking the dongle has occurred to the best of our knowledge. The demo mode appears unrelated to the drive sleeping, as sometimes Vecotorworks will go straight to demo mode when the desktop icon is double-clicked after start-up. Other times, it will occur in the middle of a command....

Any ideas...?

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