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extruded duct

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I have found vw great for generating quick interior space perspective views. I have a situation which has me stumpped...having drawn a soffit on a separate layer how do I extrude two round ducts on either side of it? I generally print out a draft and do a hand overlay with color for presentations; I have sketched in the ducts by hand but would really like to know how to do this. HELP PLEASE!!

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Hi Fred

I'm not entirely sure what you're doing, whether it's 2d or 3d, for example.

If it's a 3d duct (or cylinder) you want, it's really easy: just draw a circle and extrude it. For elbows "y's" and "t's" it's a little more difficult. If you have VW Mechanical, there are a few objects that almost work (although I think they are more intended for plumbing, not ducting, so only go up to 4" sizes). Maybe there are other tools/objects available that I haben'e found??? Anyone???

The other way to do the connectors is to create them yourself using the 3d modeling tools. If you always use similar size ducting then you could make up some fittings, turn them into symbols, and voila!

Hope that helps(?)


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