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how to know which symbol is active in new RM

Jeff B

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Maybe there's an easier way to do this but when I want to replace one type of light with another I make the symbol I want to replace *with* active in the RM (formerly RB), select the fixture I want to replace then click on "Replace with Active Symbol" in that fixture's OIP.  


Except the (good old?) RB used to show the name of the active symbol in the lower left-hand corner.  Now I don't see an indication as to which symbol is active (assuming I'm not actively inserting instruments, which in this scenario I wouldn't be).  Thanks -

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In the interim, you can run this script to see the name of the Active Symbol. Place it in a Script Palette or make a menu command and place it in your workspace. Need help with either, please write back.

if (ActSymDef = nil) then 
     AlrtDialog(concat('There is no Active Symbol.'))
else AlrtDialog(concat('The Active Symbol is: ', GetSDName(ActSymDef), '.'));




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Guess I'm not the only one who was wondering what happened to this....while it may have needed more than those three lines of VectorScript, it couldn't have been *that* much more code to have the Resource Manager do this simple function, that has been a feature in the Resource Browser since forever....and is critical to several other functions being useful!


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