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"breadcrumbs" in Resource Manager?

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The search function is fabulous but in my opinion it would be so much more fabulous if somewhere in the window it would show the location of the resource(s) e.g. "Object Styles>Lighting Instrument>ETC."  


Advantages in my mind:  helps me learn the folder structure in VW libraries; (I mean really, lighting instruments are an "Object Style" now? Huh?); lets me find the resource more directly next time; lets me know what folder/s I may want to add to "Favorites;" lets me browse similar resources without necessarily knowing exactly what I'm searching for, by going back to the root folder.


A fairly routine feature in many websites etc - hopefully not too hard to implement?   Unless, embarrassingly for me, the feature already exists and I'm just not seeing it.  Thanks. 

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It's not an ideal solution for checking the location of a lot of resources, but if you 'hover' your mouse over a search result, the tool-tip text that pops up will show the location of that resource. 


This works OK for short paths, but can run to many, many lines for a resource buried deeply within a bunch of nested folders. And the half-second delay before it pops up can add up when looking through a bunch of different resources.


A 'status bar' at the bottom of the window that showed the full path, or an additional column in List View, would go a long way towards making this work better.


You can also, of course, right-click and use "Select Resource Location" at the bottom of the context menu to go straight to that resource's location, and select it.

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