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Batch Import SketchUp

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Another example for a Marionette productivity-tool.


The Attached Marionette Network imports all .skp Files from a chosen or predefined folder as Symbols.



- No special characters like äöü (I think a limitation of the vectorscript function)

- No Sub-Folders


This is a fore-taste of a couple of nodes I did the last weeks for import/export data or mass-modification of resources. So stay tuned ... :-)



Import SU.png

BatchImport SketchUp.vwx

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The "GetFiles"-Node, collect files by a suffix. I think you input a wrong suffix (fill in suffix in the string input without the dot). If you want to see, which suffix your image files use, you can see that by select your file in the finder and hit cmd+i.


OK, the "GetFiles"-node could be improved by collect all files, if suffix is not delivered by user input. 



I can't say what "Image Prop" exactly do "texture ref" seems to be something which already have to exist in the drawing. I can remember, I tried to abuse "Image Prop" to batch import 3D Textures  but that failed. 


I used a script instead, to convert images to arroway import-format here. And import them with the import-arroway command:



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1 hour ago, DomC said:

I can't say what "Image Prop" exactly do "texture ref" seems to be something which already have to exist in the drawing.



Cool, this script help me to import de directory with image into textures.  It's very useful.

But with te "Image Prop", i don't understand...


I've tried with the name of a texture existing in the file but without results

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