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Moving doors in wall

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Go to information palette And at the bottom or close to it is a tab called position . When you click on this it gives you 3 lines outside ,centre & inside the line and end that has like a full stop this the point by default you are referencing from .

Options as to which side of the wall you want to move from. By clickiing on each point you can change were to measure from . But is only a typed in value dont know if anyone has been able to nudge a symbol in a wall.

The thing I do is use the tape measure tool before hand to work out how far to move to then type that in as either a + or - to the existing reference . Reason for this is the symbol in wall is controlled now by the wall so if you try to nudge it it moves the controling feature which is the wall.Its really cool when you get used to it .I hpoe this helps


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If you get the "resize" cursor when selecting a door in a wall, you know you have grabbed the door and not the wall. Also, the object info palette will identify the object as "door in wall" instead of "wall." If you see the resize cursor before clicking, you will drag the door and not the wall.

Changing the position, as described in the previous post, is another reliable way to move a door.

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