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You must have seen that before: "unexpectedly quit"

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I need your help Katie!

VW 10.5 on OSX 10.2 "unexpectedly quit" more than 10 times on the last hour: I run a few times a medium size VS (400 lines) and either if I do an undo, try to modify components of the drawing or edit a resource VW crashes (the app quit with the message)!

Under VW 10,2 this was happening each time I try to undo a similar script, but get quite stable since 10,5, until now... I go to add more procedures and I start to worry how many times a day I need to restart VW , lose the work of the last few min, or how go to behave the plugin on PC workstations where crashes are more time consuming...

I check the memory, and looks find: no more than 15%, I check my nerves... no much left!

We don't thank you in of for you daily interest and for the +3000 posts on your active.



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Consider the possibility that your script is causing memory problems, such as if you're deleting a non-existent handle, for example, or accessing bad memory locations. Don't know if that's the case, of course, but the symptoms you describe are consistent with that kind of thing. And that's the kind of thing that VW could not reasonably prevent in the running of a script. You'll likely have to check the script carefully, and run just pieces of it to see which segment is responsible for the problems.

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We have been recently experiencing similar quits in VWA. We have VWA 10.4? (not the latest) running on Mac OS X, 10.2.5 with iMacs (17" flat panel) with 512MB RAM. The files are not of great size, all under 10MB.

In some cases, we cannot first save, then after going to the menu and pull down to save, it will allow. Frustrating.

Any clues?

Thanks in advance

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You should update to 10.6 and then run Disk First Aid in your utilities folder to verify and repair disk permissions.


You should run disk first aid to verify and repair disk permissions.

See if that resolves the crashing problems.

Installing new software and updating the OS without running this can result in corrupt user preferences.

You can also try to create a new user and see if the crashing problems are resolved. If they are, then you know repairing disk permissions will fix your current user account.

This is a utility that all mac OS X user's should get in the habbit of running every now and then as regular OS maintenance.

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Cloud, The handles are find ($debug should give NIL if anything is wrong), but I rework some variables and a couple of dodgy dynarrays and he seems to run better.

Katie, you made my day... not only VW run smoooooth, but that have solve other issues I ad on my mac. I go to try to place a applescript on the cron weekly tasks to prevent future problems.

Thanks to both of you, two steps on the right direction...


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Re-build your Desktop my friend.

It Seems that "Repair Permissions" on Mac Os X

fixes a lot of same things rebuilding the desktop use to.

so i guess like on mac os 9

where the rule of thumb was too re-build desktop every time you install VW.

On mac Os X it's repair permissions.

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