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Turning off classes

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Try this short script. It will toggle all the classes, regardless of how many you have. The Class PopUp menu in the Data Display Bar does not update the little icons on the left properly, unless you open the Class... dialogue box and then close, but the script works.

You can put the script in a script palette, or make it a Menu PIO and assign a shortcut key to it.

I hope this is what you were asking for.



Procedure ToggleClassVisibility;

{ Toggle the visibility of every class.

Remember, the active class stays visible.

15 Oct 2003 - Raymond Mullin }


I, ClassCnt :LongInt;

ClassName :String;


ClassCnt := ClassNum;

I := 0;

while (I<ClassCnt) do begin

I := I + 1;

ClassName := ClassList(I);

case GetCVis(ClassName) of

0: HideClass(ClassName); { Visible }

-1: ShowClass(ClassName); { Hidden }

2: begin end; { Grayed }

end; { case }

end; { while }



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