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3D Sectional Viewport (not perspective)

Josh NZ


Is there a way to show a 3D sectional viewport similar to the image below?


I have used the clip cube. If I create a viewport is say right isometric then the VP shows the entire structure, note the cropped view as in image.

If I use the create sectional viewport then the view is either perspective or if using oblique cavalier then only one direction of view.




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As far as I know, currently not.

But I think it is a great idea !


Would be especially nice for RW/C4D Renderings.

Not sure if that is a realistic wish there, as C4D lacks something like "Render Booleans" that other Systems supply.




if there are others that need even longer than me to realize,

The Color of the Clip Cube's Section Cut Faces (or Lines) can be controlled in :

VW Preferences > Interactive > Interactive Appearance Settings > Clip Cube - Solid Fill :)

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So I actually faced this issue previously and was able to get some success with somewhat of a workaround.


Hopefully the screenshots below make this more clear, but essentially, you take the "generate section viewport from clip cube", and dump that on a design layer as a DLVP. This gives you a section viewport (with live cutting & hatching on one side), but you also get cuts on other sides that are cropped by the clip cube. You can then manually add in 3d hatching on these other sides that have been clipped. Since this is on a design layer, you can then orbit it however you want and take a sheet layer viewport of this from whatever orientation you want.

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 7.05.08 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 7.05.59 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 7.09.17 PM.png

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Try playing around with  Projection setting on a section viewport (located in the OIP just under the rendering settings) - i find a distance of 4-8 works ok. It does lack a bit of control but you can play with the height settings and change the centre of the selection line to move your viewpoint. May tie you over until the clip cube develops to a have a viewport mode.

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Ive had a little bit of a play around with the settings but not having too much luck.

In the image below I have two VPs.

The left one for some reason has the view set from quite far below the building.

The one to the right is better but not 100% what im after.

I can;t seem to find anywhere to alter these views.

First check was to right click and hopefully edit camera but that option isnt there.

There also doesnt seem to be anything in the OIP.

Im sure its right in front of me but not having any luck.



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" This gives you a section viewport (with live cutting & hatching on one side)"


@BenVThis is pretty neat.  Tried it myself with pretty decent success.  Tho Im failing to understand the live hatching aspect?  I see your hatching, is that created when you right click on clip cube face> create section from clip cube ................onto the DLVP? OR is that done on the SLVP?  


I could be confusing things here but it sounded like the hatch was automatically created from the clip cub when creating the DVLP section?


I love seeing new ideas like this.

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 1.20.32 PM.png

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Is there a way to make a viewport of a "clip cubed" view of an object? The only option I find is to make a section viewport. Here is a simple example I attached: In the first pic I show the whole element, and in the second picture, the element was clipped on three planes. I would like to make a viewport showing this isometric view of my clipped object. 



Vectorworks 2017 SP2



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Absolutely agree, this would be high on wish list for me too....


It seems strange that Vectorworks doesn't do it. Revit does it also.


Kind of related, I wonder if 'clip cube' functionality could be developed more so for example, you could model on a single class/ and layer and then 'split' the model using clip cube to quickly and easily generate plans/ sections?!




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