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Create Roof Bearing Inset



I just downloaded SP6 of VW2016. Four or five service packs ago I discovered the Bearing Inset option on the Create Roof tool was not working. I called Service Select and was told they were aware of that. I've been hoping with each SP the Bearing Inset option would be fixed. But nope, it hasn't been. I haven't upgraded to 2017 yet, but wonder: Is this tool just not important enough for anyone to care? Has the Create Roof tool been completely revised for 2017 such that Bearing Inset isn't even an option, or does Bearing Inset work again in VW2017? This kind of inattention on Vectorwork's part is somewhat troubling to me.

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OK, I really would like some help with this. I just upgraded to 2017 and see that the problem persists. Did "Create Roof" become a Legacy tool sometime back and I somehow missed it? I've found this tool quite helpful, but it is much less so when you can't use the bearing inset.


Please... a little help someone.

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The problem is that the bearing inset option is non-functional when creating a roof with the Create Roof tool. For example, if you know you want a roof with 2 x 10 framing (thus 9 1/4" thickness) on a 2 x 4 wall and you want the beginning of the birdsmouth cut to start at the inside face of the studs you would want to set the bearing inset to 3 1/2". But the bearing inset option has been greyed out, i.e., is non-functional, so you have to take convoluted steps to get the roof positioned relative to the birdsmouth cut. The Create Roof tool used to quickly get you the roof set just how you want it without having to manipulate with multiple options of the Components.

Now because I learned to use the Create Roof tool years ago and it's worked for me, can you please point me in the right direction to better understand the Components aspect? And... would understanding this give me the ability to create a roof more quickly—with the right thickness, bearing inset, pitch, bearing height, and eave profiles—than with the Create Roof tool with the bearing inset working properly?

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Didn't know this was a bug. I thought there was something I didn't understand about the tool all this time regarding greyed out inset function. Yeah, please fix this...an excellent roof plugin should be high priority!

@Skia_D, my workaround to this has been to set the perimeter of my roof to the inside edge of framing, rather than the outside edge. And so then the eave offset needs to be fudged to account for the thickness of wall assembly. This method falls apart when wall thicknesses vary around perimeter of building, but otherwise can be helpful.



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Yet another service pack and still not fixed. I'm beginning to wonder if this is the longest-lived bug in VW software? Anybody know of any others that have been around longer than this one?


(A belated thanks, Matt. I had been so used to using the bearing inset tool and getting annoyed by this bug that I overlooked the obvious. Of course creating a roof directly from the walls instead of a polygon is more problematic without that functionality. But I guess the VW developers don't really care about that.)

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