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Cannot create multiple viewports





I am a student learning to use Vectorworks for scenic design, and I am stuck on an important step in my project. I need to create multiple viewports (front, top and right) for each of the "WALL" layers on the sheet layer titled "WALL ELEVATION 01".  When I try to create multiple viewports for the first of the wall layers (WALL A), only one of the objects on the design layer appear in the viewports. The main section of the wall appears, but not the baseboard and crown molding, which are both on the WALL A design layer along with the part that is showing up in the viewports.


In an attempt to identify the issue, I duplicated the crown molding and moved it to the EXPERIMENT layer, then attempted to create viewports of just that layer to the sheet layer. What I found was that when I try to create viewports to the EXPERIMENT layer individually (i.e. one top view, then a side view, then a front view), they all show up fine, but whenever I try to create multiple viewports to this layer I am met with three red boxes with X's in them. What is going on here? Why would my baseboards and crown molding be showing up when I create individual viewports, but become red X boxes when I try to create multiple viewports of them? Especially when another object on the same design layer DOES show up when I create multiple viewports of that layer?


I would like to attach the file, but I don't know how to make it small enough to be uploaded (under 58 mb). I tried deleting all of the design layers and sheet layers other than the three I need help with, taking away the textures on the objects and lowering the sheet layer DPI to 72, and the file is still 910 mb. Not sure how to work around this issue or why it is occurring, as I have uploaded a project before that had a lot more stuff in it than this.


Thanks in advance!


- Morgen

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