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Rename "None" Class or Pin Class

Tom Klaber


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For me alphabetic order is the most important thing to make me find my things again.

I'm totally irritated in cases where it is not available.

So that is where I look for and expect my None Class to be, between M and O.


For me the None Class is quite visible as it is the only Class that has only 4 letters, everything

else has far more and the None Class looks like a break.


I never use Classes Hierarchy option anywhere because it is so much harder to view or to select.


Back to your question, I also think there could be some improvements in these lists.

The first is the ability to apply a text Background Color, which helps a lot for recognition.

The next is the ability of a tree structure with subfolders, but by drag and drop and not by changing

Class Names. And still alphabetically sorted.

And of course some Filtering and Search Bar, like "Wood" will only show Classes containing the term


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While I agree - generally alphabetically is best - 'None" is special - and I need special access to it.

We can easily have 100 classes in a document, and None is too important to simply be buried in there.


So allowing "Pinning" would allow me to pin to top, and Zoomer to leave it alphabetically.

Another solution maybe would be colors - allow me to color the name in the Navigation Pallet so it is red.  - Though I think I would use colors for other reasons - and once everything has a color - this again would make it hard to find.


Maybe a live search?  Start typing and the best class is activated?  - Probably a bad idea.


I think renaming "0" might be the best way to go....except for the whole changing fundamental VW conventions.  

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I need the 0_prefix to sort other special Classes :)


Nothing against a pinning feature.

I just proposed my thoughts to the discussion.


I have that color thing in Modo, just 2 hand full of colors available but I have seen

no problems when all Items are colored. That is what I usually do.

It still nicely separates and groups things into there ... ahm ... classifications.


I think your "live search" is what I am used in Modo, C4D, .... you activate the loupe symbol

and as soon as you start to type letters in the field, it will hide everything that does not contain

that letter or finally word(s).

If you use some proper Class Naming, you can isolate things of interest by an order that is not

given by Class Naming itself. Like searching for "concrete" will you sort all Wall-concrete,

Column-concrete, ... in a row, like to apply IFC cost tags to the materials, although that order

does not exist in Classes or Layers.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The quicksearch is a must in my opinion. Since they don't require complex database checks or image previews, it could be made to work even faster than the Resource Manager and not require the user to even hit Enter, just slim down the search as the user types. 

I had put in a request for that as well as a system for custom-sorting (I never specified pinning but that makes good sense) the class or layer list, the Organization dialogue and subsequently the Navigation palette could do with quite a bit of refresh that I think every user would be pleased with and wouldn't disrupt anything.

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