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Move 3d by absolute values?

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I have a significant number of 3d objects I have created through extrusions / additions / subtractions, all created to sit on Z height of 0. 


I then moved all the objects individually to various Z heights using the Move3D tool - however, I now want to adjust the Z heights, and I can't remember what I set each of the original heights to be.


As such, I want to be able to type in the new absolute Z height without worrying about the existing height - but the Move3D tool seems to be set up for relative distance to current position, rather than position in relation to the origin. Is there a way I can change this, or another simple way to edit the Z heights? There is not a Z height option in the properties box, presumably because the objects have all been added / subtracted.



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Thanks, that's really annoying and quite a basic functionality! 


I've found a workaround in that I can copy in the plan I originally worked from (at 0 height) into the model, manually move each item back to zero, and create a symbol from each solid, selecting insertion point by click and clicking on a point on the ground plane. This means each item is a symbol with Z height 0 on the ground plane, and I can adjust each Z height to whatever I wish.


Just quite a laborious process! I'll know for next time.

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Finding this thread after trying to figure this out. I'd had some text layers that were appearing just above Z and solved it on my own but was surprised you couldn't easily set an absolute position in the OIP (for some objects, text objects being one of them). You also can't use Move 3D to move objects to an absolute position. 


You have to use a reference object and the smart points, or use the Move by points tool, or as @P Retondo mentioned, create a locus point at the 0 location you want. 🤦‍♂️


A simple Absolute or Relative toggle in Move 3D would do the trick... 


Or just adding a universal Bottom Z Height in all objects' OIP


As of VW2020 this is still an odd gotcha with Vectorworks. 


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