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Site Plan - Creating Topography from points

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Hi All,


I have a site survey that show elevation points, rather than contours. Is there a way to create a ground surface with these points? The end result desired is just a smooth surface that changes grade with these points, such as the gentle slope from a lane to the house. I've input a PDF of the survey into my VW drawing and now can't figure out how to input the elevation points into something that VW can convert into a ground surface. Any tips would be appreciated.





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Thank you. I think that worked. What should be done about the landscape where the house sits? Would I need to somehow create a void or excavate where the basement sits in the landscape? Is there a way to easily carve these voids out of the topography? Thanks in advance.

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On 3/11/2020 at 2:11 PM, hchen4 said:

Hi Guys,

Is there a faster way to turn grading points into stakes? we usually get survey with only grading points, it's very time consuming to manually type in..


Agreed. It would be great if there was a way to create stakes based on the text values at those locations. 

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Hi, Have your  surveyor provide you with a .csv file. this data is the rl and eastings and northings from their survey data. They may need to change the file extension to .xyz or zip it up as the computer doesn't like to send program files.


So it opens as an excel file and you may have to delete a few columns, the first one is usually numbered points 1-???, delete any that don't match the 3 columns see attached.

then you go to AEC/ Survey import and import survey data, select the .csv file and you will get a whole bunch of 3d nodes, select all and create a site model and you should get a site model.


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On 4/26/2023 at 7:02 PM, Thomas Williams said:

I created my contours but I can't see my original survey under the contours. I would like the contours to show over the Survey with the elevation stakes showing as well. I have tried different visability settings but can't seem to get it to show the way I want. Does anybody have and suggestions?



You can make the Site Model transparent in Top/Plan in order to see objects underneath. Setting the fill to none in the Attributes Palette is one way to do this but will render the Site Model transparent in section viewports so a better way is to disable 'Draw Site Border' in the 2D Display settings.

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